• Novel Studies

    Students will learn and discuss a novel ( or a serie of chapter books) in two weeks. The benefits include:

    1. Building Background & World Exposure

    2. Authentic Vocabulary Building

    3. Communication & Dialogue Skills

    4. Development of Social Skills

    5. Engagement & Excitement for Learning

  • Scholastic News

    Teachers’ #1 Choice for Current, On-Level Nonfiction
    Over 6 million students read Scholastic News every week! See why so many teachers rely on this exceptional magazine to engage their students, build nonfiction-reading skills, and increase content-area knowledge.

  • Public Speaking

    Focus on speak writing and presentation

    Public speaking unit includes: Listening Skills, Voice and Gestures, Stage Fright, Public Speaking Vocabulary, Introduction to Speech Writing, Sales Speech, Speech of Introduction, Award Speech, Pet Peeve Speech, TED Style Speech, Storybook Speech, and 200 Inspirational Quotes.

  • Vocabulary Study

    Expanding vocabulary and skills in two weeks!

    Focus on the skills such as:

    Prefix and suffixes

    Multiple meaning words

    Greek and latin roots

    Idioms and adages

    Synonyms and antonyms